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What is Buggy’s real goal in One Piece?

Buggy is introduced as the villain in One Piece. He is known for his humorous personality and tendency to fail. From a pirate in the East Blue region, he rose to become one of the respected Four Emperors. Obviously, Buggy’s development step in One Piece very remarkable.

In particular, Buggy’s relationship with red-haired Shanks and his public role in the Cross Guild – a mercenary organization created to serve pirates who want to take the head of the navy, have brought the clown to a position Outstanding in finding the mysterious treasure on the final island of Laugh Tale and the title of Pirate King.


3 core members of the Cross Guild group

In the past, Buggy’s journey almost ended at the hands of the villain Crocodile, because he was unable to pay off his debt. However, fate forced him to join the Cross Guild project as a form of payment to repay his debt.

A series of misunderstandings and idolization from Buggy’s subordinates led to the false impression that he was the leader of the Cross Guild. This information was quickly reported by the World Economic Journal, reinforcing the mistake of his leadership position. Despite Mihawk and Crocodile’s displeasure, Buggy continues to play this role even if involuntary.


Buggy and Shanks were both trainee pirates on the Roger ship

In addition, Buggy also has a complicated relationship with Yonko Shanks. The two had a competitive but close relationship during their days as apprentices on the legendary Gol D. Roger’s ship. They often fight and tease each other, showing concern for each other.

This bond is illustrated when Shanks chooses to stay and take care of Buggy when he is sick and cannot continue his journey to Laugh Tale with Roger’s gang. Currently, their relationship is marked by unrequited hostility from Buggy, who blames Shanks for his losses. While Shanks still maintains a neutral and even brotherly stance.

After the Roger Pirates disbanded, Shanks invited Buggy to join his crew, but Buggy refused. He believes that Shanks has no ambition to go straight to Laugh Tale. This denial and Buggy’s recent statement about pursuit One Piece suggesting that his resentment towards Shanks may only be superficial, to hide his own disappointment in not following the path of the Pirate King.


Buggy is determined to lead Mihawk and Crocodile to retrieve the One Piece treasure

Buggy’s recent rhetoric focuses on treasure and power, concealing a deeper desire to follow in the footsteps of Gol D. Roger. The proof is that Buggy is determined to lead the race One Piece and influenced Mihawk and Crocodile to join this mission.

This new development in the story of One Piece brings a new focus on fan-favorite characters and promises an even fiercer contest than the Summit War arc. While the fanbase supports Luffy, the possibility of Buggy accidentally achieving the title of Pirate King, the way he achieved his previous positions, remains an intriguing and interesting possibility.

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