New update with server PVE Sgame 06/11/2020

SERVER INFO Server Wipe: 11:30 AM – 6/11
Name Server: [PVE-CustomMap]Forsaken Island[Try Hard]| NightOwlVN
IP connect: connect
Name map: Forsaken Island
Sever Info : Click Here

The weather became dark, heavy rain and wind, in order to increase survivability, people began to train animals.
So be careful when going to hunt animals, you will suddenly kill the wrong animals of some hunters … Be careful and run immediately when you see the message …

And now the game is on, the hunter becomes the prey … Try to stay alive

About Hunter :

spawn chance : 20 %
Spawn Amount : 1,
spawn radius : 50,
Health : 150,
Max Roam Distance : 20.

and many other updates will be done later .

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