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New charging technology appears, integrated under the human skin

Scientific experts in China have just made important progress in the field of medical technology by developing a wireless charger integrated under the skin.

New charging technology appears, integrated right under the human skin - Photo 1.

The main component of this charger includes a coil passing through a small circuit, combined with a zinc-ion supercapacitor module to directly store electrical energy. The unique thing is that this type of battery does not use a chemical energy storage mechanism like conventional batteries.

This technology opens up the possibility of charging batteries directly through a link with the user’s body or providing power to medical devices without the need for additional surgery. Although biodegradable power delivery devices have existed before, they were not robust enough to meet the requirements of medical applications.

Although the prototype of this technology has shown promise, scientists continue to research and develop to make it more perfect. Applying this technology in the medical field worldwide still requires a lot of work. In addition, the success of this charger could change the way we interact with everyday technology, opening up the prospect of widespread use in charging wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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