A beautiful game, but is that enough?

Review Hoa: A beautiful game, but is that enough?  - Photo 1.

Flowers made us feel like one of those titles designed to put a smile on players’ faces.

From Skrollcat Studio, this is a 2D platformer game. The highlight of Hoa is the vivid and colorful scene, making many players fall in love with its simplicity.

In terms of gameplay

Flowers is not a difficult game, the game’s puzzles will not make players think too much. The game is designed as a means of entertainment that you can lie in bed and enjoy, which is a good thing if you are in need of a game to relax.

Moving across treetops and caves, the player (through controlling an adorable little protagonist) is tasked with awakening larger animals in the forest. You’ll do so by interacting with hieroglyphs and collecting butterflies, with butterflies needed to unlock new abilities like pushing objects, double jumping and flying. Once unlocked, these abilities will be applied to solve puzzles.

Hoa’s puzzles do not challenge players much, Hoa is designed with an element of comfort and easy to achieve the goal. If you are looking for a game with brain teasers, then Flowers is not what you need.

In terms of design

Review Hoa: A beautiful game, but is that enough?  - Photo 2.

Flowers are truly an eye-catcher with beautiful green and blue tones that brighten areas beyond the radiant sun. Although the player’s adventure will be over in just a few hours, the fact that the game has many different areas will help players not quickly get bored.

Besides the graphics, Hoa’s sound array is also worthy of attention. Small sound effects such as the clapping that the main character makes every time he jumps and the sounds of nature such as insects crawling, birds singing, rustling of falling leaves are also well done.

Last but not least, Hoa’s music also helped make the short game a memorable experience.

Minus point

The only negative we have with Hoa is that during the transition, the game freezes in place for a second. The frequency of occurrence is not much, but it still makes the feeling of immersion in the game interrupted.


Review Hoa: A beautiful game, but is that enough?  - Photo 3.

Flowers is a game worth playing for all ages. Flowers isn’t a unique and new experience, but it succeeds in taking you on a short, beautiful adventure filled with positivity.

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