Direct Game revealed nearly 400 million/month income from YouTube, is it true?

Recently, the fan group of Dung CT – Direct Game has passed on information related to the income of this most famous male streamer in Vietnam. The number is rumored to fall to more than 370 million VND / month, counting money from YouTube videos alone. This huge amount makes many people startled about Dung CT’s terrible income (if true).

Direct Game revealed nearly 400 million/month income from YouTube, is it true?  - Photo 1.

To get the above number, Dung CT’s fans tried to use some income calculation websites on YouTube. The calculation formula is quite complicated, but it is based on a few specific parameters such as the number of followers, the average number of views, the number of ad views… Overall, the number is about 376.65 million VND/month.

After the above information was shared, many mixed opinions appeared. However, most of them claim that the income of 376.65 million VND/month (only from YouTube in Vietnam) is extremely impossible. Accordingly, many people pointed out that the above “web calculation” is incorrect and inconsistent with the policies that YouTube is applying in Vietnam.

Specifically, due to many different factors that The amount of money YouYuber Vietnam receives will be much lower than in developed countries (USA, Europe…). YouTube will pay ads according to CPM (Cost per mille) and 1 CPM is equivalent to 1000 views.

So for every 1,000 views, YouTube will start to convert money and pay its content partners. Accordingly, 1000 views in Vietnam will be paid about 0.3 to 0.5 USD by YouTube. Calculated with 1 million views, you will receive from 5 to 10 million VND and depending on the type of ad. Thus, in order to achieve a huge revenue of up to 376.65 million VND/month, the Game Direct channel will have to attract millions of regular views every day. This is completely impossible with the Game Live channel at the moment.

Direct Game revealed nearly 400 million/month income from YouTube, is it true?  - Photo 2.

In each different region, YouTube will have its own policy.

The error of the above income estimate can be explained by the calculation website that has applied YouTube’s payment rate from European and American countries to Vietnam. This is also what often confuses many people.

Thus, in general, it can be affirmed that the rumor of Dung CT’s income of nearly 400 million / month (only from YouTube) is not feasible. However, Streamers will often have many different sources of income from donations, advertising, contracts… Therefore, the real income of Dung CT in particular and other Streamers (or YouTubers) in general are only Only someone inside really understands.

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