Top 10 most powerful dragons in the game world (P.2)

Just hearing the word dragon makes many of you feel excited already. In the game, they can be fearsome monsters, or an extremely intelligent species that guides the player. In addition, they also have a very diverse personality, size, and origin. You can see a dragon coming out of Chinese and Japanese myths; or even a dragon with a strange shape and mysterious power from the West. For a more detailed look, please take a look at the top 10 most powerful dragons in the game world.

Charizard – Pokémon Red & Green

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Pokémon dedicates a dragon category to the creatures in the game, guys. There are many impressive dragons that you may know such as Dragonite, Salamence, Dragapult … but perhaps the most special case is the famous Charizard – looks like a dragon but does not belong to the dragon category. It wasn’t until the Pokémon X and Y sections that GameFreak gave Mega Charizard X the main road as a dragon.

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In the anime version, Ash’s Charizard is one of the Pokémon that makes the deepest impression on viewers’ minds. And in the game Pokémon gen 1 (Pokémon Red & Green), you can spend time and effort training Dratini (this is a dragon in the true sense of the word). But if you want a fire dragon, then Charizard can be said to be the only option.

Ruined Dragon – Super Mario Odyssey

The Mario series also has many dragons, but Ruined Dragon in the game Super Mario Odyssey, it stands out. The dragons in the other Mario games still look good for that game, but this dragon looks like a monster from Dark Souls and not at all like in the Mario game.

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It can be said that the confrontation with the Ruined Dragon is one of the most memorable memories of the Odyssey. After exploring the Ruined Kingdom, you will encounter the Ruined Dragon and the drama will be pushed to the highest level. Confronting it is much more difficult than previous bosses, and you may have to try many times to defeat the Ruined Dragon. Well, a little hint is that later you will have to defeat it again, and this time it is not “as easy as Mario eating mushrooms”.

Hellkite Wyvern – Dark Souls

Talking about dragons in the game, there is certainly no shortage of Dark Souls. The whole series has no shortage of scary dragons, both large, buffalo, unpredictable and extremely painful. Examples can be mentioned as the 3-eyed dragon Kalameet in the Dark Souls DLC Artorias of the Abyss or the beam-shooting Midir like Godzilla in the Dark Souls III DLC The Ringed City. Hellkite Wyvern may not be as strong as those but it is more haunting, especially for new players.

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This is the boss guarding a narrow bridge in the game, if you want to cross that bridge, you will have to wrestle with it. While you are too weak and unprepared to face strong bosses, Dark Souls will slap you a lifetime hit with the Hellkite Wyvern dragon. After playing through Dark Souls, you will never forget the feeling of being dragged on the bridge by it.

Rathalos – Monster Hunter

Rathalos is the iconic monster of the entire Monster Hunter series. They may not be the strongest dragons in the game, but they are the most famous. Rathalos also appear in the movie adaptation and even those who haven’t played Monster Hunter may know them.

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Is it a bit of a cheat to include an entire species of dragons on the list? Possibly, however, if excluded, this list lacks an iconic dragon in the gaming world. But even most people know Rathalos through the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate didn’t even know it was a species and not a dragon.

Alduin – Skyrim

There are many dragons in Skyrim but not all are as impressive as Alduin. Predicted as the dragon of the apocalypse and the main antagonist of the game, Alduin has always stood out. As soon as it landed in Helgen, it greatly slayed the precepts and turned the place to ashes. It was a monumental show of strength and made a strong impression on gamers. Maybe you’ll like it at the time, but later when you find out, you’ll realize that it’s more unpleasant than you thought.

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Alduin is no ordinary dragon. It is a divine entity that wants to destroy humanity and return the dragon lineage to the golden age. That’s why you have to set out to find a way to smash it. Fortunately, the fight against Alduin wasn’t that difficult. However, even after defeating it, it will still haunt you for a long time during the game.

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