Top 10 games for business enthusiasts (P.2)

The games will put you in the position of the director, the president… pretending to be poor and the ending; or expert investment experts of all kinds. Please refer to it to see which industry is suitable, which game is worth buying to still invest heavily.


To prepare to become a real director in the future, you should try the Rise of Industry game, which is highly appreciated by many brothers in the “business” world. The game has all the practical elements that a director must do in real life, besides there is a variety of industries and fields.

In the game, you will play a huge investor who can invest in big projects in different cities. These projects are often of the same caliber as Sala in District 2 or Phu My Hung in District 7, in addition to building beautiful houses and apartments, you also have to order small businesses, to serve customers there. Profit will be a big goal that you need to pay attention to, when making such a big investment, you need to pay much attention to operating costs. When the running costs start to eat into the capital, and if you lose, the game is over. Therefore, Rise of industry is only for real directors, with good management and pricing capabilities, to win. An extremely addictive game for those who like empire building games, tactics of all kinds, extremely attractive and attractive.


The director in Factorio, can be said to be the director of a very large one-member company. Because this time, you will not be able to manage any employees but have to mobilize and build your own empire. In the game, you will find very large mining resources, valuable natural minerals, diamonds, oil of all kinds. From here, you will build other machines, arrange how to create a system and transport. When mining is finished, you will have to build conveyors and machines to be able to process and transport minerals. A game that requires imagination, the ability to visualize a system on many different terrains, resulting in a smooth and efficient engine for the fastest profit, avoiding damage and wear and tear but not exploit anything. And this game is the director by himself, going back and forth is a bit tired, mainly point and click, so it is very suitable for those of you who are looking to kill time, play relaxing games to entertain your mind.


If building a technology company is your dream, then Good Company will be the game that makes you excited. This game not only brings extremely indie and impressive graphics that I like very much, but also has super cool gameplay where you will become Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. Starting with a small office, with the first employees who do not have much experience, you will build an extremely powerful robot production machine, with the same mechanism as a real-life company: Investment There must be costs, there is a good profit, if not, there will be a loss. The game revolves around the player’s ability to manage human resources and research and develop. The ultimate goal is to build a super giant company, with modern and beautiful machinery technology. It will definitely make your dream come true to wear a simple outfit every day to enter the company and everyone you meet has to bow.


In Civil, you will basically play real politicians, real presidents who have made human civilization since ancient times. You will build real cities, expand trade with other regions, even countries, build armies to protect your home country or go to war with other countries. Exploring each new land and sending troops to build, is a game that has been confirmed and quality, is a choice that cannot be wrong. And if you want to be a handsome president, wearing a smart suit, choose the leader as Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, this is a great character and an exemplary man, will surely give people play more dynamics to become the future president.


I’ve been a director from multi-disciplinary to specialized, now working in this industry seems very good, guys. In Planet Zoo, gamers will become the director of a large zoo. Starting with simple animals, you will build and expand, importing new and beautiful animals.

In addition, you also have to build and decorate the zoo so that it is monumental, so that it will attract many visitors. Planet Zoo is famous for its extremely cool DLC, allowing you to continue to expand your zoo with animals from ancient times even dinosaurs. A fun, entertaining game that has been the childhood of many people, will certainly be a more reasonable choice for those who like to be president but love animals.

Just now are the top 10 games for those who love business and like to build their own empire. Of course, there are still many interesting games that I have not been able to list in a list, so please comment below for our reference.

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