8 games with storylines born to “trick” gamers (P1)

Doki Doki Literature Club!

In Doki Doki Literature Club!In the game, players will get to know Sayori – a girl who honors happiness above all, Natsuki – cute with great communication skills, Yuri – quiet and mysterious but loves to find joy in books. And finally Monika – the head girl of this poetry club. After meeting each person, you will begin to get to know and learn more deeply about their personality and life, thereby choosing a true love for yourself.

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Once you get to know each girl, you will find that deep inside them is a person that is disgusting and terrifying countless times. Through their fantasy poems, you will gradually discover horrifying truths about the nature of each person. But as soon as you feel your doubts start to rise, Doki Doki Literature Club immediately gives you a real shock. USAA character in the game passed away. Immediately after this detail happened, the image of the deceased character in the game suddenly crashed, and kept jerking continuously.

By the second play, Doki Doki Literature Club traps players in its own world, and you will feel extremely scared because even your computer can’t control it, let alone the characters in the game. The game is also very “smart”, knowing how to soothe gamers, create a sense of security, make them neglect to prepare mentally for a quality scare, the heart shoots out of the chest.

Heavy Rain

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All murder mysteries have an unexpected twist or two, and for a cinematic detective game like “Heavy Rain,” it doesn’t lack an element of intrigue. this guide. During the game, players will control many different characters, searching for clues about a boy kidnapped by a serial killer.

The biggest, most surprising twist of “Heavy Rain” is when the killer’s true identity is revealed: He is the private detective investigating this case, and the player has spent space. little time to control him. It is a deadly knot that makes every player have to scratch their heads and ears.

FarCry 3

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Far Cry 3 also has a nightmare ending if you really put yourself in it. The game closes with you killing all the rest of your friends, then getting yourself stabbed through the heart as part of an ancient sacrificial ritual. It is truly one of the most thrilling and impressive endings.


For those who have been attached to the NES in childhood, they must have played “smoothly” in every corner of the game. Contra. The origin of the phrase “breaking the island” is also here when the final boss Red Falcon was destroyed and the island of this criminal corporation also exploded into smoke. However, there is a fact that many people do not know. The “breaking the island” in the air is not the only ending of Contra. Before it was released on the NES, Contra on Amstad CPC as Gryzor had a much sadder, more heartbreaking ending.

Still with the fiery screen, still the last heroic battle with Red Falcon, but the ending in Gryzor shocked many people. At the last moment before the Red Falcon was destroyed, this dictator activated a special system, destroying the entire world. In the end, you still destroy this evil boss, but the earth has also disappeared.

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Later, when switching to the NES, Konami changed the ending of the game to make it more human and happy. As a result, the phrase “breaking the island” was born and maintained in the Vietnamese gaming community until now.

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