PUBG is about to become a 100% free game?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG became a worldwide phenomenon when it launched a brand new Battle Royale game genre in 2017. However, within a year, new flavors were introduced. of the Battle Royale game genre like Fortnite to Apex Legends and Black Ops 4 has pushed PUBG out of the limelight. Leading to a sharp drop in the number of PUBG players in a short time, even many gamers consider PUBG a Dead Game.

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Lack of new updates, being devastated by cheat hacks and gradually becoming monotonous gameplay – those are the reasons why PUBG has dropped so fast as it is today. Although there are times when you can rise up a bit, but that alone is not enough to make PUBG gamers feel optimistic. However, just recently, when it seems that all has been somewhat forgotten, a leaked information has just said that PUBG will switch to Free to Play form so that the gaming community around the world can play for free. fee for this game.

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Specifically discovered by GamesRadar, a famous leaker with the nickname PlayerIGN has claimed that the popular Battle Royale game PUBG may switch to Free to Play based on player feedback. Speaking on Twitter, PlayerIGN revealed that the Battle Royale title could be free to play in the future. The decision will depend on player feedback, as the developer will be monitoring player feedback during the free play week to be held next month.

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“PUBG may switch to Free To Play, the developer will monitor player feedback during the free week next month. Please note that PUBG wanted to switch to Free to Play in 2019 but it did not accept it. get the desired player feedback,” said PlayerIGN.

The free play week that is said to “take place next month” has not been confirmed or announced by developer Bluehole but if this leak is true, next August, gamers can play PUBG without losing a dime. at all. Since all of the most popular Battle Royale titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends are free-to-play, it’s understandable that PUBG’s move to the free-to-play form is understandable. This is good news for the community of gamers who want to experience PUBG but have not had the opportunity.

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Please note that there was once a free version of PUBG that actually existed, but it was shut down earlier this year by PUBG Corp. That game is called PUBG Lite and is a cut down version of PUBG to run on lower-spec devices. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be the factor that led to PUBG Lite’s eventual closure, when the game was terminated earlier this year in May.

It is not known whether with this change to this new Free to Play form, PUBG can somehow salvage its position. However, it must be admitted that at the moment, at least PUBG gamers have reason to rejoice.

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