Top 10 super light games that are super cool, machines without discrete video cards still fight well

To be able to call a game good, not only do we need to look at the beautiful graphics, but we also have to consider other aspects such as the plot and gameplay. There have been many games, although only possessing 2D and pixel graphics style, but gained a lot of positive comments and reviews from gamers.

Even the cartoon graphics style and hardware of a few years ago can still reach the top and become famous around the world. In general, good games are often hardware-heavy, but that doesn’t mean light games are bad. If you don’t believe it, here are 10 good light games that will make you think differently!


Released on Steam at the end of 2019, developed by Supergiant Games, Hades has quickly become one of the lightest but highly rated indie games on the platform.

As Zagreus, the immortal son of Hades, you must battle angry spirits to escape hell. The game possesses gameplay that can be said to be classic but extremely attractive with the creativity and meticulousness from the developer.

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Instead of simple attacks with the press of a button, you can launch beautiful combos in many different situations, giving players many options to be able to fight monsters. In particular, every time he launches standard combos to every millimeter, without leaving a single attack, Zagreus will become arrogant and say cool lines like John Wick. A very good game for those who like hack-and-slash gameplay, classic style graphics but must be sharp and quality, yet not close to the hardware at all when only 2 core CPU, 4GB RAM and Graphics card that supports DirectX 10.


If you’ve ever seen the movie The Thing (2011) and were horrified when you witnessed an alien creature with a strange shape plus extendable tentacles, the game Carrion is similar. self like that. We will play as a red, amorphous and countless tentacles being kept in a company-owned research facility called Relith Science.

After escaping, you will control this creature through different rooms of the research facility. Along the way, you will meet and be forced to attack and devour employees, researchers and security forces to increase your size and shape. Because if you are benevolent, the end you will receive in return is being shot by security forces to pieces.

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The game has a horror element because you can kill, eat or play with the NPCs in the game in a way that the alien creatures in the movies can never do. However, Carrion is not only a simple gore game, but you also have to think hard to find a way out of the research facility because the game has integrated puzzle elements along the way.

Besides, you also need to deduce how to move, find the way because the game does not have a map or instructions at all. All you can rely on is your own deduction and the skills of this alien creature. Carrion owns a good story and a new and attractive gameplay style, but only requires a very light configuration. You only need a minimum of a 2-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and a GPU compatible with OpenGL 3.0 to be able to fight this game well.

Among Us

Among Us is a game that will take you into the daily life of an astronaut on a space station in outer space. In the game, you will be tasked with completing missions with other crews and trying to survive to the end before alien creatures masquerading as astronauts are mixing inside. .

However, you are only afraid of being human, but if you are randomly selected to be a fake, the whole map becomes like a buffet with the main menu being the crew. However, things are not simple, players will need to act stealthily and be extremely careful not to let anyone see and especially to know how to create an alibi for themselves. Otherwise, it is also very easy to get on the plate when suspected during emergency meetings.

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This is also a title that requires you to reason and make the most of your acting ability. And if you’re not good at arguing, it’s best to make a silent monster eliminate the crew in the dark. Similar to Carrion, Among Us is also a good game but it’s super light when there is only a minimum configuration of 1GB RAM, Directx 10, 250MB free hard drive and even an operating system from Windows 7 and above. It can be said that this is too light a configuration for a famous game like this.


Although this is just a light 2D scene game, it’s super good guys. You will play as Madeline overcome obstacles on the way to conquer the top of Celeste mountain, and at the same time help her fight the evil inside her. It can be said that Celeste’s thrilling and attractive storyline is the point that attracts many gamers to this game.

Madeline’s journey to explore the Celeste mountain is very difficult because she always encounters strange things, even going into dreams where she sees herself in a very bizarre form.

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In addition, the game also has messages related to people’s willpower to overcome challenges in life as well as psychological problems that everyone encounters. Celeste has a lot of secrets for you to discover, it even has hidden levels with many difficult challenges that you must find a way to unlock to play, creating variety and increasing the duration of the game. At first glance, Celeste is a cute pixel graphics game, but after playing it, you will know that it carries many meaningful messages, worth the money that players have spent.


Undertale is one of the games with an extremely mysterious storyline. In the game, you will play the role of a girl who falls into the world of demons. The player’s task is to help this girl return to her world in a way that you decide for yourself: Violent or non-violent. Therefore, the game will also have many different endings.

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With pixel-style graphics, Undertale has a very interesting and creative way to interact with each character, along with metaphors that are both creepy and funny. It seems that this is a game for the little ones, but in fact it can still make adult gamers like us shiver when we discover the secret at the end of the game. If you love a light game that is good, has a compelling storyline with the ability to choose an ending, then Undertale will be the perfect game.

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