Render 1000 fps, fan spins 200,000 rpm

It seems that the series of broken RTX 3090 cards when playing New World games does not only affect the GPU, guys. Igor’s Lab – a German technology site – after investigating with the EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra card, it was discovered that the cooling fan on this card sometimes rotates to more than … 200,000 RPM, normally it only spins around 2,400 RPM only. .

Of course, this fan can’t spin that fast, but it still tries to spin guys. Even if you have set the fan speed parameter manually, it doesn’t matter. The only solution seems to be water is to lower the GPU’s power consumption to 50%-60%, not to overwork the GPU.

Causes of a series of broken RTX 3090 cards when playing New World games: Build 1000 frames per second, fan rotates 200,000 rpm - Photo 1.

This error does not only occur when you are in the main menu in the New World game – when the FPS hits thousands of frames per second, it can also happen while you are playing the game. It will suddenly jump up and down immediately, so usually gamers will not pay much attention, but if you look at the fan’s rotation speed history, you will discover this.

In addition, New World is not the only culprit, because at the same time, Anno 1800 also causes this error, especially when opening the menu or viewing the tooltip. However, up to now, there have been no cases of RTX 3090 being damaged by Anno 1800. This leads to the possibility that the chip on the EVGA card is faulty. When the game runs at 1000-2000 FPS this means that the frame is rendered in less than 1 ms, and the chip may not be able to react to this change. The fan spins fast, the card consumes an unusually high amount of power, and that’s it… goodbye dear card.

The good news is that EVGA accepts new cards for unlucky gamers when experiencing this problem. And Igor’s Lab thinks this bug can be fixed by releasing new firmware.

Summary of main ideas:

– Igor’s Lab said that the broken RTX 3090 when playing New World could be due to the cooling fan spinning to more than 200,000 RPM.

– The temporary fix is ​​to lower the GPU’s power consumption to 50%-60%.

– This error not only occurs in the main menu but it can also happen while playing the game.

– At that time, the fps will suddenly increase to thousands of fps and then drop immediately, causing the card to not react. This causes the fan to spin quickly, the card consumes a lot of power abnormally, and so… goodbye dear card .

Source PC Gamer compiled GVN360

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